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A New World Order

Book 1

In the first book,  Eva and Nathaniel, two of the Code of Seven, led ordinay lives until they met each other. The importance of their role is revealed in an upcoming battle that will affect the future meeting of the Code of Seven. Together, they open a portal that reaches out to the home worlds of the other Code of Seven members... but a dark force lingers in the shadows.

The Battle on Eustacius.jpg

The Battle on Eustacius

Book 2

Russine’s world fell apart, his mother and brother, ruling family of planet Crystalline, disappeared without a trace. In his quest to find them, he met strangers that revealed the prophecy of the Code of Seven, and turn of events veered him to planet Eustacius with the new found friends Eva, Nathaniel and Petalan.  Finally finding his family on this peculiarly green planet, several battles ensued where he and his friends fought off black beasts while Ackrun, another member of the Code of Seven, colluded with the disciple of the Dark Force unknowingly causing an unexpected capture of Eva where Russine spontaneously crossed the forbidden barrier into the Dark Planet.  Would he be able to save Eva to defy the Dark Force without the other members of the Code of Seven?


Book 3

Coming Soon

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