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Explore the exotic and unique planets of the Code of Seven



Somewhat similar to  Earth but 90% covered by land and green skies, the setting of Strathvor, where Ackrun was born, takes the reader through a journey from golden grassy fields, barren rocky lands to milky white ponds. Excerpt: "The scene traveled from the village to the surrounding barren land surprising the onlookers with patches of brilliant green moss that girdled pools of thick white milk-like substance."


Planet mostly covered by monolithic crystal structures with scattered cities dominated by buildings of architectural wonders. The reader will be led from cities to a plethora of wildlife including white lions against magestic waterfalls and blue panthers in emerald forests. Exerpt: "...It had a stunning view over the entire city.  Spectacular high-rise buildings shimmered and the colorful neon and laser lights continued their spectacle near the tallest tower in the city..."



Petalan who floats on cloud pods lives in this planet

Upcoming Book 3


Water planet 

Upcoming Book 3 

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Dark Planet

An enduring and eerie planet consisting of black mountains and red valleys engulfed within a violet sky. .  Excerpt: "The perennial landscape comprised of  black jagged mountains  that pulsed the same painful throb as the red-clay floor of the valleys."...."The brick red ground haunted him. While Russine should be looking up to follow Fatius’ eventual disappearance, his gaze was riveted towards the ground. He had never seen anything like it. The throbbing sand exuded life, a life being suppressed, screaming to get out. He blinked his eyes, faces in the sands? " 

School of Nature

A school overseeing six galaxies maintained by Elixuum, the Head Mistress, who overseas all the guardians as its students.  The school is housed in an immense glass dome in the main central island, while the guardians were housed in grand trees of encircling islands.  Excerpt: "There were moments when she wished that her species (guardians) could do more than the Silver Whispers. Some humans did not even hear them. Only those humans who wanted to hear their inner voices could receive the messages of the guardians. "

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